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Our Background

The fraternal experience is by far one of the most exciting experiences on The Plains.

This privileged opportunity shapes men of character, action, and good fellows ready to make an impact beyond collegiate life. As Auburn Men, we are bound in good faith under the mutual agreement to serve our community, create lasting brotherhood, and grow into model citizens of our society. This is a practical world, and we believe in the value of hard work. We believe in a sound mind, body, and a spirit that is not afraid to help develop these qualities; and since fellowship cannot exist without honesty and truthfulness, The Members of Kappa Sigma are committed to being Men of Zeal and Men of service. The promotion of brotherly feeling, leadership, scholarship, and mutual helpfulness rests upon our ambitious endeavors. That is why few may equal and none excel the ideal virtue of a true Kappa Sigma. It is my great honor to provide the vision on behalf of Beta-Eta and speak on the foundation being built for the enduring presence that will last for generations at Auburn University.

Since 1900, members have upheld these values through academic success, philanthropy, character development, and brotherhood. Our members are actively involved in many events throughout the year, allowing them to create lifelong bonds and consistently give back to the community.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kappa Sigma Beta Eta lost its presence on campus; however, now in 2022, a rekindling of the Chapter has begun and the Founding Fathers are dedicated to bringing Kappa Sigma back to Auburn in full force.

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